OneAtlas Basemap Guide
  1. Authenticate
    1. Retrieve an API Key
    2. Authentication


Retrieve an API Key

Before using our APIs, you need to request access, so please contact the customer care support. We will be happy to provide you with your credentials for GIS tools access and API token to use our APIs. Your credentials and API token will be associated to a subscription corresponding to your request.

Note: At the moment the OneAtlas Basemap API Key’s are different from the OneAtlas Data API Key.


To authenticate and access the API, you need to send an HTTP header containing your token with each request to the API.

Note: The API key passed in the URL is not supported by the basemap system for security reasons.

In cURL, you specify the HTTP header after the -H option:

-H "Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>

Note: The API key is a Bearer token, so the Bearer keyword must precede your token in the Authorization

You can test you API key by calling the /me endpoint within the Manage Subscriptions guide.

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