Mobile SDK Guide
  1. Access Image

    Access Image

    Note: To gain access to OneAtlas Data you need to be authenticated (see the dedicated Prerequisites section to get an API key)

    The SDK View service allows users to easily access to images without having to download and maintain DIMAP products.

    Here is a sample code designed to get the WMTS URL of a feature:

    ProductFeature feature = ... // Get the feature from the search results
    OneAtlas.getInstance().getViewService().getProductFeatureCapabilities(feature, capabilities -> {
        // Access the WMTS URL
        String wmtsUrl = capabilities.getContents().getLayer("default").getResourceUrl();
    }, exception -> {
        // Error management
    val feature = ... // Get the feature from the search results
    OneAtlas.getInstance().viewService.getProductFeatureCapabilities(feature, { capabilities ->
        // Access the WMTS URL
        val wmtsUrl = capabilities.contents.getLayer("default")!!.resourceUrl
    }, { exception ->
        // Error management

    Once you have done, you can use your favorite map engine to display OneAtlas product tiles layer. As an example you are able to stream our Living Library images or your custom products:

    Living Library Image - Toulouse

    With a high zoom level capability:

    Living Library Image Zoom - Toulouse