Mobile SDK Guide
  1. Order
    1. Create a Basic Product
    2. Ask for a Price Quotation
    3. Order the Product


Note: To gain access to OneAtlas Data you need to be authenticated (see the dedicatedprerequisites section to get an API key).

The Mobile SDK allows the user to order image products. For the moment only the following parameters are allowed:

ParametersPossible values
Geometric processingortho
Additional processingBundle 12 bit reflectance, Bundle 8 bit display
Product Formatimage/jp2, image/geotiff

A classical call stack for ordering is to check the price regarding the area to produce and then launch an order with the same parameters. This sample creates a sample product with a given area, shows how to get a price quotation for its order, then performs the ordering of the selected product.

Create a Basic Product

This is based on a given Feature ID, and some production parameters:

Polygon aoi = ... // Set your AOI
OrderProductRequest orderProductRequest = new OrderProductRequest();
Product product = new Product();
Polygon aoi = ... // Set your AOI
val orderProductRequest = OrderProductRequest()
val product = Product() = "<feature-id-from-search-results>"
product.aoi = aoi
product.productType = "bundle"
product.radiometricProcessing = "REFLECTANCE"
product.imageFormat = "image/jp2"
product.crsCode = "urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::3857"
orderProductRequest.products = listOf<Product>(product)

Ask for a Price Quotation

 OneAtlas.getInstance().getDataService().getPrice(orderProductRequest, orderPrice -> {
    // Handle the order price
}, exception -> {
    // Error management
OneAtlas.getInstance().dataService.getPrice(orderProductRequest, { orderPrice ->
    // Handle the order price
}, { exception ->
    // Error management

Order the Product

Note: this will decrement your credits.

OneAtlas.getInstance().getDataService().order(orderProductRequest, order -> {
    // Handle the order
}, exception -> {
    // Error management
OneAtlas.getInstance().dataService.order(orderProductRequest, { order ->
    // Handle the order
}, { exception ->
    // Error management

When you order a bundle product, the panchromatic component of the image can be streamed as soon as the product is delivered (please refer to the view section):

Panchromatic product

For further information see the SDK reference.