Mobile SDK Guide
  1. Authenticate
    1. Login
    2. Manage your API keys



For each service (ordering, streaming image, searching) you will need to be authenticated. This can be done using the login method with the API key which you have generated before. Once done the SDK will automatically manage the token renewal each time it is needed.

Note: We advise you the use of a back-end to store and retrieve the API key dynamically so that your API key will not be stolen by a third party user.

[[[OneAtlas sharedInstance] authenticateService] loginWithAPIKey:@"<your_api_key>" clientID:EIDPClientID block:^(OAError * aError) {
  // check for errors and continue
OneAtlas.sharedInstance()?.authenticateService.login(withAPIKey: "<your_api_key>", clientID: EIDPClientID, block: { (aError) in
    // check for errors and continue

Warning: Do not reuse credentials across multiple applications. API key has to be unique to your account and your application’s package namespace.
Applications must not be commercially released (submitted to a store) using a Free Trial account API_KEY.

Manage Your API Keys

The SDK give you access to API key list and a possibility to revoke an API key. To learn more about these advanced features dive into our online full SDK documentation.