OneAtlas Basemap APIs

Welcome to our OneAtlas Basemap guides. You will quickly learn how to access the basemap, individual images over an AOI, to display them or integrate them with most commonly used JavaScript libraries and mobile.

Basemap is a worldwide off-the-shelf imagery layer made from Airbus highest-grade satellite imagery. Sharp and constantly refreshed, it provides the most reliable context to you.

  • Worldwide off-the-shelf layer: Complete and consistent coverage of all earth landmasses
  • Highest-grade only: Curated satellite imagery, with marginal cloud cover
  • Sharp: 1.5m over the world, 50cm over the most populated urban areas. Precisely geolocated
  • Fresh: New images every day, refreshed every year

Before using our APIs, you need to request access, so please contact the customer care support. We will be happy to provide you with your credentials for GIS tools access and API token to use our APIs. Afterwards, read the Authentication to discover how to use your API token to get access to our services.

The Manage Subscriptions guide will explain you how to retrieve useful information from the /me API.

The Search guide will show you the API usage to search basemap and its archive.

Finally, Access Image shows the way to display OneAtlas images through all the supported protocols. This includes common GIS tools, from your own code and through integration with JavaScript and mobile.

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